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May your life together be filled with unforgettable moments and endless youthful joy. I Wish you an amazing journey in this new road of life as soon to be husband and wife.


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About Me

Here's a little story. It's from the heart and it's in glorious IMAX 3D Dolby Surround web font format. As a child, Mr. creative and Mr. tech geek reared their colorful little heads and got their claws deep into me, i.e. legos, computers and a video camera. Oh, and drums too but that's another story. Battling between being who I really was — a young man who created with passion and drive (we'll call him Jim), and an idea of who the world at large wanted me to be (we'll call him John) — I tried being both but alas, inexperience stated there could only be one. So naturally that one was Jim — all heart and no head. The other? Well, he scurried away with his head and no heart attitude to a distant land living off the sea and coconuts only to return years later and stir things up again...but in a good way this time. Really, you ask yourself? Well, read on to find out more.

In the early 2000s, I learned Directing, Editing, Shooting and Writing. John (remember how he would come back) saw an opportunity and seized it. Now was his chance! He puckered up, wiped the snot of his face, stood tall and joined the human race again. Believe it or not, he moved in next door to Jim. Yup, there was vacancy. Much to the neighborhood's surprise, Jim welcomed John with open arms and together, they agreed to be the best neighbors they could be. Today they harmoniously co-inhabit the domain that is Daniel's mind. The left and right. The yin and yang. The peanut butter and jam. Together, they and you can tell your story.


Wedding Film Philosophy

It is said that story is the retelling of events.  Therefore each wedding should be told in its own personalized fashion.

I grew up fascinated with movies and tv shows and I would get lost in the stories I watched.  I wanted to find out who the characters were and what would happen to and with them.  To this day, I still get immersed in the stories that I watch and with the new golden age of cable television shows such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, etc, character stories are stronger than ever.  So, my approach to wedding films is to tell your story and find the heart of your love.  To capture who you are and the love you have for eachother.  I sit down with you and get to know you before the wedding.  I find out as much as I can about yourselves, your couple history, desires, uniqueness, places and intention.  I never aim to just cover a wedding and document it.  Yes, I can do that but capturing the fullness of the experience, that of which is two people who met eachother, fell in love and decided to get married, I believe has much more impact than to present a cookie cutter "template" video.

The people make the story and therefore it should not be predictable but original.


The Filming

Everything is filmed with professional gear from the cameras and lighting to audio and editing. Filming may take place over several days depending on what package is chosen.  A variety of filming tools and cinematic techniques are used.

The final film is delivered via a downloadable link.  The DVDs are mailed if chosen.  All music is legally licensed and included.

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  • More than a traditional wedding highlight film. We go beyond the day itself by sharing who you are as a couple. From the cute to the inside jokes, from the traditions to the love, and everything in between. ‘Tis the best of both worlds: the day itself and a look into who Mr and Mrs are.

  • Complete wedding day coverage plus additional half day of filming (with bride and groom). You don't have to worry that anything will be missed.

  • Final film delivered online and via other means if requested.

  • Full length speeches, ceremony footage and raw footage can also be arranged via various packages.

  • From $2000

Please contact me for a rate card with various packages and extras.

For more information or to request a package, please feel free to email me below (form or link) or contact me at 778-858-2263.

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